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It is recommended. You will have access to your account history of deposits and orders. You will be able to easily select the residents you interact with most and products you have purchased before. An account is required for Messaging.
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  • Commissary Deposits are the most common. They allow the resident to purchase food, clothing and other commissary items as well as phone and video call time.
  • Bond / Bail deposits are payments to the court to have an resident released. This is also where you would make a deposit to pay for a court ordered tracking/monitoring device.
  • Pay Housing, Medical or Other is for residents who have been released and are looking to pay debts/bills to the facility.
  • Deposit fees are set by agreement with the facility. Fees differ from facility to facility.
  • Fees come on a sliding scale based on the type of deposit, amount and facility you are looking to deposit.
  • Fees are clearly indicated throughout the deposit process before completing the transaction.
  • Express Account’s fees represent some of the lowest fees in the industry
  • You can choose to have a receipt emailed to you at the end of the transaction. There is valuable information about your deposit included in the email.
  • Alternatively, you should write your receipt number, beginning with “T”, for future reference.
Deposit fees are set by agreement with the facility. Fees differ from facility to facility.

Commissary Deposits

Almost instantaneously. The resident will need to log in to their phone system or the resident kiosks (where available) to access their funds, place orders and buy phone time
Do you have a receipt number beginning with the letter “T”? If so, the deposit went through. Here are common reasons residents may not have access to the money:
- The deposit paid off a debt to the county. Frequently counties apply charges for booking and medical expenses that are recovered. These are recovered in different ways at different facilities. We cannot tell you in advance if your deposit is going to pay debt. Only the resident can give you that information.
- The resident is being restricted by the facility. In this case the resident will know they are on restriction and will have access to the money when the restriction is lifted or the resident is released.
Like personal bank accounts, that information belongs to the resident. For any information about resident accounts, including where your deposit was spent is entirely at the discretion of the account holder.
Yes. There are additional fees on top of the fees from making a deposit online. To make your deposit by phone, call 1-866-422-6833. Operators are available 9am – 5pm EST, Monday to Friday. Please leave a detailed message if the operator is busy or you are out of regular business hours to get a call back.
- Once a transaction is complete the funds become the resident’s property. They are released/transferred with either a pre-authorized credit card or check from the facility.
- In some rare cases of residents in federal custody the funds are.

Bond (Bail) Deposit

- Only when bond/bail has been set by the court and you know the exact amount.
- If you are paying for a device such as a tracking monitor and know the specific amount required.
- A fax or email is sent to the facility within 5 minutes of posting the bond. It includes the information about the bail/bond payment which begins the release process at the facility. If you have a concern, you may contact the facility to inquire.
- For deposits on equipment, please contact the facility directly to discuss their process for receiving the device.
Express Account does not return bond deposits. Your deposit is sent to the court where the bond was issued and will be returned by the court.


Order cut off times vary by facility and commissary provider. To see the next delivery date for your resident, start the order process (click here) by selecting the state and facility
Delivery dates vary by facility and commissary provider. To see the next delivery date for your resident, start the order process (click here) by selecting the state and facility.
Currently Express Account can only accept deposits by phone. Each commissary provider accepts phone orders individually. Contact the facility for information on the commissary provider.
Some facilities only offer gift bags for order on the web. Instead, consider a deposit where the resident can make the purchase.
An resident may only receive one order per week purchased from the website. They may also place one order themselves from the facility per week.
- Please verify that your order was placed before the cutoff time for the week’s delivery and you have a receipt or transaction number for the order.
- Verify the resident has not been prevented from receiving commissary due to debts or disciplinary reasons.
- If you feel there has still been an error, the resident needs to raise a ‘grievance’ with the facility. They will check their signature book for received orders. If no order was received, the facility initiates a refund with the commissary provider.
Once placed, an order cannot be refunded unless the refund is initiated by the facility or commissary provider.
eXpressAccount is not responsible for any web order returns. Please refer to the location's commissary provider's website or contact the location directly for each individual facilities web order return policy.
No, not at this time.


- You need to create an account using the exact email address your invitation was sent to. Once you are logged in, you will be able to accept the invitation to message the resident.
- All messages are sent and received on the Express Account website for security reasons.
Currently messages can only be purchased by the resident and are sold in bundles of messages. To be sure residents can message you, be sure to deposit to their commissary account.
Prices vary based on the facility.
Communicate as you would through mail. There is a limit on the length of message, so keep efficiency in mind.
Yes. There is no expectation of privacy in these communications.